ISO 14698
Temiz odalar
EN ISO 13485
2016 Tıbbi cihaz kalite yönetim sistemi
CE sertifikası 93/42
eEC cihaz direktifi

Catheter Mount

Catheter Mount

Catheter mount can be considered as an adapter piece; placed between endotracheal tube and a breathing circuit. They are mostly used when the health professional requires some additional space and ease of movement between the circuit and the endotracheal tube. Catheter mounts can be supplied with a fixed 90° angled or a swivel elbow. Upon request, these elbow connectors can be supplied without any ports or a with port for gas sampling or a port for suction, to clean obstructions. The tubing of the catheter mount can be corrugated or extendable depending on user’s choice.

Catheter Mount Visuals

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