ISO 14698
Temiz odalar
EN ISO 13485
2016 Tıbbi cihaz kalite yönetim sistemi
CE sertifikası 93/42
eEC cihaz direktifi

Anesthesia Masks

Anesthesia Masks

Anesthesia masks are used to deliver oxygen and/or other anesthetic gases to the patient. They are manufactured in different sizes to fit various facial structures of the patients, enabling the total coverage of mouth and nose and therefore, minimizing the air leak through the cushions. These cushions can also be adjusted by inflation or deflation through a port with a check-valve. Size differences are displayed by different colors of the fixing rings on the mask. The clear material allows easy observation of potential obstructions and problems in the area beneath the mask. Low weight of the mask increases patient comfort. The masks do not contain phthalate or latex.

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