ISO 14698
Temiz odalar
EN ISO 13485
2016 Tıbbi cihaz kalite yönetim sistemi
CE sertifikası 93/42
eEC cihaz direktifi

Gravity Sets

Gravity Infusion Sets

Infusion sets can be used to administer a wide varierty of treatment chemicals and can be provided in a wide array of configurations with the addition of different components. Gravity infusion sets do not require an infusion pump; it works as gravity pulls the liquid downstream to the patient.

  • Non-leaking, easy connection
  • PVC tubing, DEHP-Free
  • Model available for protection against UV (optional)
  • Universal luer connectors
  • Optional components available i.e. drip chamber, check valve, roller clamp.
  • Multiple tube length options
  • Tube ID: 3,0 mm, OD: 4,1 mm

Gravity Sets Visuals

Infusion Sets

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