ISO 14698
Temiz odalar
EN ISO 13485
2016 Tıbbi cihaz kalite yönetim sistemi
CE sertifikası 93/42
eEC cihaz direktifi

Safe Sets

Safe Set Pressure Monitoring Kits

DISPOSET’s safe set blood pressure monitoring kits with closed blood sampling system have all the benefits of pressure montitoring systems and in addition to these, they have a special blood sample collection mechanism. This system allows users to get blood samples without the utilization of a needle. The system does not allow atmospheric contact. Contamination and needle injury risks are minimised.

  • Single use, EO sterilized kit
  • Reliable and continuous blood pressure monitoring
  • Easy flush
  • Wireless data transfer (optional)
  • Dielectric gel barrier

Safe Sets Visuals

Pressure Monitoring Sets

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