ISO 14698
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EN ISO 13485
2016 Tıbbi cihaz kalite yönetim sistemi
CE sertifikası 93/42
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Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Our Vision


• DISPOSET works towards improving product variety, efficiency and quality.
• DISPOSET develops production process to obtain optimized cost-effective results
• DISPOSET follows up the improvements and advances in medical sector and production technologies;
• DISPOSET works to adapt the ever changing and improving conditions with R&D and P&D efforts.
• DISPOSET focuses on improving customer satisfaction, product performance and patient comfort.

DISPOSET aims to…
• To develop new products and designs; not only for following up the developments in the sector but to be a leader to be followed;
• Effectively cover the domestic demands and reduce the need for imports.
• Improve the export figures and make DISPOSET a global brand.
• To keep supplying the best possible, cost effective, consumer friendly, innovative solutions for both the health professionals and patients.